Collaborations was established in 2018 with a vision to provide robust technical solutions our clients can rely on.

Our specialist areas are in delivering environmental projects to sustain land and water resources.


Tom Nation 

Spatial Consultant

Tom is a Director and Spatial Consultant. He is a Certified Environmental Practitioner who specialises in environmental spatial analysis. Tom is experienced in all aspects of the spatial information life-cycle and offers solutions for data capture, data processing and validation, spatial analysis and data presentation. Tom has a proven track record in leading spatial teams, managing spatial projects and delivering technical results in a non-technical manner to ensure the spatial component of projects always adds value.

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Louise Wilson

Environmental Consultant

Louise is a Director and Environmental Consultant. She is a Certified Environmental Practitioner experienced working on small and large scale projects in New Zealand and the UK. Her technical specialities are contaminated land and groundwater investigations, landfill management and environmental site monitoring. Louise is an outgoing people focused person who loves working alongside her clients to achieve positive project outcomes.



James Blyth

Water Resources Consultant

James is a Director, Water Resource Scientist and a Certified Environmental Practitioner. James has worked internationally; in Africa, Australia, Canada, Thailand and Laos. He brings a practical balance to environmental and water applications, having worked across a range of areas including integrated catchment management, wetlands, hydrology, hydrogeology, hydraulics, water quality and sediment and erosion. Helping solve clients problems with practical solutions is James' number one priority.



Dr Gareth Taylor Environmental Consultant

Gareth is a Director and Environmental Consultant. He is a Certified Environmental Practitioner and holds a current RMA Making Good Decisions certificate. He has specialist experience in water resources, ecology and project management.  Gareth's project experience ranges from environmental assessments to large scale infrastructure delivery. He aims for positive outcomes for his clients through understanding their needs and maintaining a solution-based approach.


Josh Smith
Environmental Consultant

Josh is a Graduate Environmental Consultant who is also completing his Masters in Disaster Risk and Resilience. Using his skills in conducting risk assessments and investigating disaster impacts, Josh enjoys working with clients to think about the 'what ifs' and develop robust solutions. Josh has a passion for helping people to achieve positive results, lessening environmental risks and improving the resilience of communities and his clients. He's also enthusiastic about field work and likes to get out and about conducting sampling and surveys.

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Stu Easton
Water Resources Scientist

Stu is a Water Resources Scientist with Collaborations. Stuart specialises in environmental systems modelling and mapping with a focus on water quality. He has provided technical advice for regional planning, consenting, and environmental impact assessment projects across New Zealand and Australia, including as an expert witness. Stuart applies a systems-based approach and an eye for detail to provide project insight and practical results.


  1. Achieve the best possible outcome on your projects through collaborating with clients, partners, organisations, and stakeholders,

  2. Be a provider you can trust,

  3. Deliver a leading service through investment and support of our staff.


  1. We appreciate our clients are the life-blood of Collaborations - without you we are not able to evolve as a provider and therefore we aim to look after our clients and be rewarded with a trusted working relationship. We develop trust by communicating  effectively and honestly, which helps to better understand your needs. In doing so, we add value by minimising unnecessary work, ultimately saving you time and money. 

  2. Through investment in our consultants, we hold developed professional networks throughout New Zealand and utilise these to provide robust solutions and advice.

  3. In delivering superb service, a company must develop our staff in an ongoing basis. Collaborations is committed to ongoing professional and personal development of our staff which includes maintaining a Certified Environmental Practitioner Status or similar accreditations.