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We pride ourselves on having an experienced and qualified team of specialists who can see the broader picture of how a project fits into your business. We are there to solve complex issues. We are there to help if you need a safe pair of hands to deliver your projects.


Tom Nation 

Spatial Consultant

Tom specialises in environmental spatial analysis. He gets involved in all aspects of the spatial information life-cycle and offers solutions for data capture, data processing and validation, spatial analysis and data presentation. 

Louise Wilson Low Res-4020.jpg

Louise Wilson

Environmental Consultant

Louise has worked on small and large scale projects in New Zealand and the UK. Her technical specialities are contaminated land and groundwater investigations, landfill management and environmental site monitoring. 



James Blyth
Water Scientist

James has worked internationally; in Africa, Australia, Canada, Thailand and Laos. Having worked across a range of areas including integrated catchment management, NPS-FM policy, wetlands, hydrology/hydrogeology and hydraulics, water quality and sediment and erosion, James has a demonstrated ability to solve complex issues for his clients.



Dr Gareth Taylor Environmental Consultant

Gareth holds specialist experience in environmental management, ecology and project management. His particular area of interest is delivery of infrastructure projects and achieving environmental outcomes from those. He brings high experience from working in infrastructure recovery following natural disasters as well as infrastructure development projects. 

Headshots 120219 High Res-6852 (003).jpg

Stu Easton
Water Scientist

Stuart specialises in environmental systems modelling and mapping with a focus on water quality. He has provided technical advice for regional planning, consenting, and environmental impact assessment projects across New Zealand and Australia, including as an expert witness. He has an eye for detail to provide project insight and practical results.


Jono Moore
Spatial Consultant

Jono is experienced in all aspects of the spatial information lifecycle, offering solutions for information capture, data processing, spatial analysis, presentation, and interactive visualisations. Jono is particularly adept in using the ESRI ArcGIS suite to present information in web-based user experiences that incorporate telling stories with data.

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